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Sonji Coney-Glover

While most girls her age worried about makeup and such, Sonji Coney-Glover was concerned about her dates finding out about her after school job. It was not the typical burger flipping or ice cream scooping job. She was in the business of death, digging holes in the cemetery for burial vaults. Her asociation with funeral homes began when she was about nine years old. Her father sold burial vaults to funeral homes but disliked entering the homes to be paid. So he sent his daughter, Sonji, in to collect the checks. After many years of collecting the payments in various funeral homes, she became interested in owning her own funeral home.

In 1987, she recieved a degree in Mortuary Science from The College of Boca Raton and opened Coney Brothers Funeral Home in Lakeland. She also holds a Bachelors degree from Florida Southern College. For the next five years she served the Lakeland community as a Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director. In 1991, she expanded her business and opened Coney Brothers Funeral Home in Tampa, Florida. Her Lakeland facility is undergoing a new expansion adding a new sanctuary, new bathrooms, and a relaxing lounge. Since 2000 the funeral home has been known as simply "Coney Funeral Home". Something unique about her services is her Video Memorial Tribute, the Eternal Flame Memorial Plaque, and her all female attendants with the Coney signature umbrellas.

Coney-Glover is very active in the community working with both the young and the old. She is a member of both The National and The Florida Chapters of The Society Inc., Florida Morticians Association and Epsilon Nu Delta, Independent Funeral Directors of Florida, NABBS (National Association of Bench and Bar Spouses), Lakeland Chamber of Commerce and Board Member of the Police Athletic League, Lakeland Branch NAACP, and she is also listed in Who's Who in Executives and Businesses. She is a mentor with Girls Inc., and the Girl Scouts of America. She enjoys reading, bodybuilding, spending time and traveling with her husband and son. She is married to Atty. Kenneth C. Glover,Sr. and they have a son named Almonte'. Her motto in life: " It is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!"

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